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More than five decades ago, Ellis Lee Hostetter picked up a pencil, pulled a balance sheet out of a large stack of papers and began crunching numbers. With his accounting expertise guiding the way, Mr. Hostetter laid a foundation for the future of Ellis Lee Hostetter & Co., P.C., a family-owned accounting firm with a heart for people and a passion for numbers.


Today, we invite you to journey with us through more than 50 years of business ingenuity. Pairing precise accounting with neighborly service, we promise to serve you, your business, your fiduciary or your nonprofit with the same attention to detail that launched Ellis Lee Hostetter & Co., P.C. so many years ago. We’ve stuck to our roots—and we want to share our roots with you.


Call, email or stop by today; we look forward to meeting you.

**Extended Tax season hours run from 2-5-24 to 4-15-24.

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